Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Exercise Three: Group e-mail haiku

A couple of weeks ago, full up with spring, I wrote a haiku and sent it off to friends and family via e-mail.  This fun haiku conversation resulted.  (You should also know my birthday was approaching.)

The buzz of bees
The bonking of beetles
The awe full smell of wisteria.

additions, transferences, spoofs, dalliances??

The following haiku came in:

The buzz of bees
The bonking of beetles
The woeful whiff of wisteria.
-Saul Griffith

Glowing in the sun
smelling like raspberries
a yellow iris.

On my rooftop deck
everything is bursting,
except the rhubarb.
-Arwen O'Reilly

The buzz of bees
The scent of flowers
Saul prefers the ocean wind.
-Tim O'Reilly

The buzzing of bees
The rhubarb's late song
Birthday's joy comes soon
-Olivia Crawford

bonking beetles
sqawking jays
hip hip hurray  - a birthday!
-Bridget Brewer

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

another haiku

Twisted apple trees
A blossom falls
Footsteps home

-- Christina